Chair Massage Services
We provide services to home, workplace and corporate events.
 Price: $75 per hour (15 mins per session, 3 persons per hour, 2 hours minimum)

Professional On-site Chair Massage Services
The workplace can be a source of stress with all the deadlines to meet and projects to complete. Reduce absenteeism and improve morale with chair massage services in the workplace.
Workplace chair massage is a brief session of bodywork during which the employee is treated while sitting in a portable massage chair. Each session will last 15 minutes and employees remain clothed and seated in a forward position to allow their therapist to work the neck, scalp, shoulder and back and hands. No oils or lotion is used during chair massage session. Employees are now re-energized and ready to return to work!.

We provide services to workplace and corporate events, church events, Health & Wellness Fairs; hospitals, colleges/universities.

Workplace Chair Massage
Reward an employee for a job well done or include chair massage services as part of your Employee Wellness Programme.