Chair Massage Services
We provide services to home, workplace and corporate events.
 Price: $80 per hour per chair (15 mins per session, 3 persons per hour, 2 hours minimum)
(10 mins per session, 5 persons per hour per chair, 2 hours minimum)

Professional On-site Chair Massage Services
The workplace can be a source of stress with all the deadlines to meet and projects to complete. Reduce absenteeism and improve morale with chair massage services in the workplace.
Workplace chair massage is a brief session of bodywork during which the employee is treated while sitting in a portable massage chair. Each session will last 15 minutes and employees remain clothed and seated in a forward position to allow their therapist to work the neck, scalp, shoulder and back and hands. No oils or lotion is used during chair massage session. Employees are now re-energized and ready to return to work!.

We provide services to workplace and corporate events, church events, Health & Wellness Fairs; hospitals, colleges/universities.

Workplace Chair Massage
Reward an employee for a job well done or include chair massage services as part of your Employee Wellness Programme.


House- call /Chair Massage Services

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, upper or lower back This option is perfect for you! Chair massage is an economical and effective way to relieve tension quickly and works well for those persons who are not comfortable undressing for a table massage session or is unable to lay forward for regular table sessions.

Choose from 15, 20, 25 and 30 minute chair massage sessions:


15 Minutes Chair Massage
Costs $20.00
20 Minutes Chair Massage
Costs $25.00
25 Minutes Chair Massage
Costs $30.00
30 Minutes Chair Massage
Costs $35.00