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Do you wish to treat your employees, celebrate your company’s anniversary, or add a little flair to any special event? Consider offering chair massage with our team at InSPAration Cayman!
Reward your employees for a job well done or include chair massage as part of your Employee Wellness Programme.

The workplace can be a source of stress with all the deadlines to meet and projects to complete.  Reduce absenteeism and improve morale with chair massage services in the workplace.
Chair massage is a brief session of body work during which the employee is treated while seated in a portable massage chair.  Each session is 10 to 15 minutes and the employee remains clothed and seated in a forward position, allowing the therapist to work the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. A good chair massage is a great perk – it’s guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity and positive energy. Employees will be re-energized and ready to return to work after experiencing this service!


InSPAration Cayman provides chair massage services to homes, workplaces, and Corporate Events: Conferences, Trade-shows, Health & Wellness Fairs and Church Events. This is appropriate for a range of settings including, but not limited to Employee Wellness Day, Administrative Professionals’ Day, Customer Appreciation, Housekeepers’ Appreciation, and Nurses/Doctors Appreciation.

Schools, Colleges/Universities – Teachers’ Appreciation/Wellness Day, Fairs.

InSPAration Cayman offers a number of chair massage packages and options to fit your needs – and your budget! Don’t see the option you are looking for?
Feel free to contact us to discuss alternatives at [email protected].

InSPAration Cayman is also sensitive to the budget restrictions of small businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and charitable organizations.

Chair Massage Special – $1/minute
– applicable only for schools, non-profit and charitable organizations
(conditions apply)

Ask about our – House- call /Chair Massage Services

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, upper or lower back This option is perfect for you! Chair massage is an economical and effective way to relieve tension quickly and works well for those persons who are not comfortable undressing for a table massage session or is unable to lay forward for regular table sessions.

Choose from 15, 20, 25 and 30 minute chair massage sessions:


15 Minutes Chair Massage


20 Minutes Chair Massage


25 Minutes Chair Massage


30 Minutes Chair Massage

*Please note Chair Massage House-call services are paired with other spa or beauty services.

Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly CHAIR MASSAGE SERVICES:

More companies are beginning to offer their staff on-site chair massage to interested employees. A massage chair is typically set up in the main lobby or in a conference meeting room. InSPAration Cayman service professionals, would be available for a pre-scheduled period of time generally between one – five hours, with one – four therapists. Interested companies can choose from the following payment options:


Pricing for onsite chair massage services varies, based on time of day, type of establishment, total number of on-site hours requested, and length of individual sessions and add-on services.

InSPAration Cayman Rewards loyalty!

InSPAration Cayman rewards loyalty!
Do you have a small company Add chair massage to your company’s Employee Wellness Programme.
If you would like to consider offering chair massage services on a monthly or semi-monthly basis, Please check out our discount packages and let us know which arrangement suits you best.
Get started today! – Email us at [email protected]

Choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minute chair massage sessions, pricing is as follows:


1 Per

@ $15.00 each = $15.00

5 Pers

@$12.00 each = $60.00

10 Pers

@ $10.00 each = $100.00


1 Per

@ $20.00 each = $20.00

5 Pers

@ $17.00 each = $88.00

10 Pers

@ $15.00 each = $150.00


1 Per

@ $25.00 each = $25.00

5 Pers

@ $22.00 each = $110.00

10 Pers

@ $20.00 each = $200.00


1 Per

@ $30.00 each = $30.00

5 Pers

@$27.00 each = $135.00

10 Pers

@$25.00 each = $250.00


1 Per

@ $30.00 each = $30.00

5 Pers

@ $27.00 each = $135.00

10 Pers

@ $25.00 each = $250.00

Our main goal is make on-site chair massage services as accessible as possible to any individual, business or organization that wishes to take advantage of its many benefits.


Thank you for your interest in scheduling On‐site Chair Massage Services with

InSPAration Cayman. Kindly provide 2 weeks’ notice to secure your booking with us.

Prior to scheduling your chair massage services, please take note of the following;

Planning & preparing for the event:

  1. Confirm that the suitable space is reserved before finalizing the onsite massage event. Please  consider that each therapist will need a seven (7) feet diameter circle of space in which to work effectively.
  2. Keep in mind that not everyone invited to the event may want to receive chair massage.A sign‐up sheet is usually the most effective way to schedule participants into time slots, and pass on to the therapist at event. Participants must adhere to time scheduled.
  3. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the chair (clean and sanitize) and a brief consultation for the next in-take.
  4. Each participant will be required to sign an in-take form prior to their massage session.
  5. We understand that conflicts may occur, changes to on‐site events can be difficult. We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellation. Please contact InSPAration Cayman if you wish make any changes regarding your event.
  6. If the entry to your building is locked, the therapist (2) will need you to meet them at the entrance.
  7. Please be aware that the massage therapist will arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event to set‐up. Please prepare area for the therapist(s) ahead of start time.
  8. The therapist will bring all equipment and supplies that he or she needs to the event.
  9. Each participant should arrive a minute or two earlier of their scheduled time, in order to maintain a timely schedule. The therapist cannot prolong the time slot if someone is late for their scheduled time slot.
  10. If there are any concerns before, during or after the event please call us at (345) 927-8346.
  11. The massage therapist will only work according to the event schedule. Please ensure the schedule is adhered to by your participants for chair massage sessions.

If the event is four hours long, you would typically schedule one 30-minute un-paid break for the therapist(s). In doing so, your scheduled event is usually extended to include a break, hence you still receive your full appointment time. This will be reflected on the schedule sheet.


  • We will require 50% deposit of the service cost 48 hours prior to the event date and the remaining 50% will be required on the day of the event.
  • Payment options are flexible.

Other helpful information:

  • All therapists are certified and may have additional specialized training.
  • Your feedback is always appreciated.
  • Therapists work over clothes, and do not use oils,
    (a light massage cream/essential oils may be used if accepted by participants).
  • Soft relaxing music is available on permission of the company.
  • The events that are easiest to schedule – 2 hours with one therapist.

Benefits of Chair Massage Services

Increases Employee Productivity
Attract Top Talent
Increase Employee Compensation Claim
Reduce Health Care Costs
Improve Office Morale

FOR EMPLOYEES                                                                                                         
Reduce Stress
Decrease Anxiety & Depression
Relieves Muscle Tension & Pain
Improves Quality of Sleep
Relieves Repetitive Strain Injuries
Increases Immune Function
Treats Carpal Tunnel & Tendonitis
Increases Focus Energy, and Mental Clarity

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